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Bringing Product back into Focus

Traditionally product marketing was the intersection of product, sales, and marketing. This role is evolving and today product marketing plays a pivotal role in defining the growth trajectory for any company.

Over the last five to eight years, growth hacking was the buzzword that gave rise to growth product managers. These managers use a data-centric approach to product management versus core product managers who adopt an overarching approach to managing and delivering a product/service.

When we created Veratempo, we knew we wanted to focus on product and data-driven growth. We decided to invest in deciphering data and based our strategy around it.

With the onset of imposed social media presence, most marketers have had to shift their priorities and we felt that the once-upon-a-time star feature “product” took a backseat. We wanted to bring back that focus on product.

Product marketers play a very important role in a company as they are responsible for creating a go-to-market strategy that directly impacts revenue growth. They leverage market intelligence to offer a solution-based product to customers. Along with product management, they develop the entire lifecycle of a product and ensure that their actionable efforts yield traction and create revenue.

Product marketers produce tangible deliverables like:

  • Buyer personas that help the company understand customer pain points
  • Positioning and messaging that attracts new customers and retains them as recurring ones
  • Sales collateral that helps close deals and sells effectively
  • Competitive intelligence that helps the company understand its target market and existing competition
  • A go-to-market strategy that creates a path for sustainable revenue growth
  • Product launch campaigns that outline the channels, timeline, and strategy to get products to market

At Veratempo, we go beyond the core responsibilities of product marketing. Our team of UI and UX designers works closely with your product management teams to create products that customers want and want more of. We believe that offering a product that customers want rather than pushing products out to customers, helps companies to grow in the long term, and avoids product failure.

The success of any product depends on many factors and having a solid marketing plan and strategy in place helps in staying on track. Product marketers have the responsibility of fulfilling company objectives, coordinating with the engineering teams to provide the best user experience, staying attuned to market trends and customer behaviors, and being the link between company walls and the actual marketplace. Our team at Veratempo is passionate about creating powerful products and promoting them to the right customers and markets. As a startup agency, we are keen to make your products successful and your customers happy.

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