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How to Ace your Marketing Strategy in 2020 with these Six Trends

This the beginning of a new decade, and with it comes a string of new tactics and strategies in marketing. 2019 saw the rise of AI, more automation of different marketing techniques, the growth of micro-influencers, and stronger integration of social, online, and mobile marketing.

Technology is everywhere, and it’s only standard that most of the new marketing trends are technology focussed. However, since last year, we noticed a stronger desire to mix technology with a human touch and customer interaction.

While we have all heard about the importance of voice searches and AI in marketing, we genuinely think that the focus should be on people (be it customers or employees) and not just pure technology.

Here’s a look at our top six marketing trends that will shape 2020.

  1. Video-based content

Super successful platforms like TikTok, Twitch, and YouTube have made it easier to access video content and for brands to create a strong identity. Videos are an excellent way to engage with customers and to connect with communities. With the recent success of Stories and Live streaming on Instagram and Facebook, brands can use video content across multiple social platforms. According to Forbes, approximately half a billion people watched Facebook videos every day, proving the powerful impact of video content.

2. Multiple communication channels

While most marketers swear by email marketing, click rates are declining. According to SuperOffice, click rates fell to 22% in 2019 (8% decrease as compared to 2018). Marketers cannot solely rely on email marketing but should adopt a multi-channel to get the word out. Social media chat platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram are great ways to keep customers informed.

3. Customer Experience

Marketing is no longer confined to a push and pull strategy. The focus on customer experience is gaining higher ground. Providing excellent customer experience and getting repeat happy customers will be the focus for 2020. Factors like a flawless online and mobile experience, product personalization, consistent branding, knowledgeable employee interaction, and efficient post-sales service help in improving the overall customer experience.

4. Business Intelligence

With the impending focus on voice search, the emphasis on analytics will be stronger. Marketers will have to tap into resources offering business intelligence on customer personas, backgrounds, and market analysis. Having one-stop access to insightful data will help in making informed decisions and optimize targeted campaigns. At our agency, we use multiple tools to help our clients make smarter decisions and improve ROI.

5. Influencer marketing

According to Danielle Wiley, founder and CEO of Sway Group, an influencer marketing agency, new opportunities in the field of influencer marketing are going to crop up in 2020. Sponsored feeds are on continual rise, and this trend is going to get bigger. Many big-name brands are allocating significant chunks of their marketing budget on securing the right spokespeople for their brand. Creating long term partnerships with influencers who have a real connection with their followers is becoming more critical than counting likes and the number of followers.

6. Personalization

The modern customer is research savvy, and most of them want to special. They want to feel that a company or product is talking directly to them. With tools like business intelligence, companies can now tailor their content, voice, and campaigns to specific customer groups. Personalized content helps improve customer interest, brand engagement, and intent to purchase. It also creates a unique experience and shows that the company cares about the underserved needs.

With the current information overload through multiple channels, sending out personalized messages to your target audience helps clear the information cloud and makes them feel connected to your brand.

While you may have already carved out your 2020 marketing strategy, we recommend implementing at least one of the trends mentioned above. And if you need support in signing up for any of them, we’d love to help you over coffee in-person or virtually.

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